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EMR and HIPAA Annual Reader Survey

Posted on February 7, 2012 I Written By

John Lynn is the Founder of the blog network which currently consists of 10 blogs containing over 8000 articles with John having written over 4000 of the articles himself. These EMR and Healthcare IT related articles have been viewed over 16 million times. John also manages Healthcare IT Central and Healthcare IT Today, the leading career Health IT job board and blog. John is co-founder of and John is highly involved in social media, and in addition to his blogs can also be found on Twitter: @techguy and @ehrandhit and LinkedIn.

Each year before HIMSS I like to put out a reader survey to try and gauge how we’re doing at and what we can do to improve the website. I read and analyze (probably over-analyze) every comment that’s made about the site and feedback that’s given.

I really do appreciate those readers who are willing to take the time to answer the survey and provide honest feedback. Some of the comments still ring in my head today since I’m still deciding the best way to solve it (ie. improving the look of the site). Other comments like requests for certain types of content have driven a number of the topics I’ve covered throughout the year.

On that note, I’d be grateful if you’d take the time to fill out the following survey (here’s a link to the survey for those reading this in their email). The survey looks longer than it is because of the big text boxes. Most questions are pretty simple answers and it will only take you a minute or two to fill out the whole survey.

If you’d prefer to just send me feedback directly, I always welcome comments on my Contact Us page as well.

Note: I’ll be posting the exact same survey on all my websites. You only need to fill it out once for all the websites.

The Problem of Interoperability with Matt Douglass at HISUM2012

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This video discusses the problem of interoperability with Matt Douglass VP of Engineering for Practice Fusion.



Watch the video here.

mHealth Alliance Opens Membership to Anyone Actively Engaged In or Interested in mHealth

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The mHealth Alliance, known for putting together the annual mHealth Summit, is opening membership to anyone actively engaged in, or interested in, mobile health.  Their goal is to bring together people from all sectors to create a community of people to advance mHealth around the world.

There is no fee for membership, but there is an application which are currently being accepted at  The application includes conveying your interest in mHealth as well as agreeing to a set of basic principles that govern the Alliance’s collaborations in the field.

“We know the mHealth field spreads across multiple sectors and cross-cutting areas,” said Patty Mechael, Executive Director of the mHealth Alliance. “We want to engage these stakeholders to accelerate mutual learning, networking, and collaboration. By mobilizing organizations with a common interest in and vision for mHealth, we believe we will accelerate the advancement of mobile technologies in a way that improves health outcomes and systems – especially in remote areas where health information and access is severely limited.”

Social media is ruling so many areas of commerce and industry, and this is really another attempt to take advantage of that trend.  The upside of groups like this is you don’t have to wade through the mountains of useless information on sites like Facebook to find something of quality.

Creating focused communities like this are a move in the right direction in terms of using social media.  Getting everyone together, on the same page, will do wonders for advancing the future of mHealth.