Email and Twitter Follow Up With Patients

Posted on July 10, 2011 I Written By

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Tonight I happened to eavesdrop (the beauty of Twitter) on a Twitter conversation between Bobby Ghaheri, MD (@DrGhaheri) and Chad Peterson (@hosewater2). Dr. Ghaheri is an ENT/Facial Plastic Surgeon and Dr. Peterson is a hockey loving urologist. I loved their twitter exchange about email and Twitter follow up with patients, so I’m posting it here for others to comment on.

UPDATE: Since there’s a problem with pulling in the tweets automatically from Twitter, here’s what was said:
DrGhaheri Bobby Ghaheri, MD
I use email and Twitter to follow-up on my patients. #hcsm

hosewater2 Chad Peterson
@DrGhaheri I don’t use email or twitter with patients. Just encourages unnecessary undocumented interactions. Is twitter HIPaa certified?

DrGhaheri Bobby Ghaheri, MD
@hosewater2 I document the conversation in EMR.

@hosewater2 Chad Peterson
@DrGhaheri wow, so double the time investment then. Interesting

DrGhaheri Bobby Ghaheri, MD
@hosewater2 yup. But not having to answer a phone note saves on the back and forth, which is what I’d prefer

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