Convincing Doctors to Do EMR

Posted on January 11, 2011 I Written By

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Yesterday I was attending a conference that had almost nothing to do with EMR. However, in one of my conversations a young girl told me that her dad was a doctor. She went on to tell me how it is all that her dad can talk about her.  He was trying to convince himself why he should ignore the stimulus money and not do EMR.

Of course, this part isn’t that interesting since I think we all know many doctors who are doing something similar. What was very interesting was that the daughter of this doctor explained how she was trying to convince her dad why he should do EMR. In fact, she suggested that she might have read my EMR site before because she’d done searches to learn more about EMR so that she could convince her doctor father to use an EMR.

This discussion of why you should or shouldn’t use an EMR is really nothing new. My challenge with the discussion is that I’ve seen first hand the benefits of EMR. However, I’ve also heard many stories of EMR implementations which utterly failed.

I don’t know all the answers to this situation, but it is something I want to think about more.

I do think that selecting the right EMR is the first step in the process. The other challenge is finding the right person or people to support your implementation.   Now, how do we simplify and improve those two objectives?