Medicare RAC Auditors and EMR

Posted on November 2, 2010 I Written By

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Yesterday I addressed the possible caustic demeanor of insurance companies towards template based EMR documentation methods. Definitely something worth considering when you choose an EMR. How they document and the type of note that it creates matters to the insurance company, matters to you reading the note later, and to some extent the doctors who receive your notes on a referral.

Today let’s look at another possible problem with the ugly template note that many EMR systems like to employ (Note: The Jabba the Hut EMR vendors LOVE this type of note). This was sent to me by another reader (Yes, I have the best readers).

I know that Medicare RAC auditors apparently love the EMR systems as practices seem to be hanging themselves with poorly maintained patient notes; (ie. “sutures healing nicely “ in a current note for a surgery that is 2 years old). I guess some insurance payers are jumping on that same wagon of EMR note distrust as the RAC auditors.

Now I’m sure that none of those reading this blog would have poorly maintained patient notes. At least not intentionally. The problem with many of the template approaches to EMR documentation is that the above scenario easily happens in a busy clinical practice. Luckily there are a number of EMR software which don’t use this poorly designed template note systems.

As they say, Buyer Beware. It’s never been more true than when selecting and purchasing an EMR.