Memorial Day and CCHIT 2009-2010 Criteria Revealed

Posted on May 25, 2009 I Written By

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In honor of Memorial Day, I took the weekend off. This ended up being a good thing since Saturday evening I was feeling quite sick. What a way to spend my time off, no? Not that any of you really care too much. However, I thought it was worth mentioning in case anyone noticed that no new posts were created.

I also think it’s worth taking a second to honor our troops on this Memorial Day. I was able to enjoy a couple of really nice Memorial Day programs this weekend and it really helped me appreciate all that our troops do and have done to protect our country. One thought that stood out to me was a veteran of one of the World Wars talking about how people are so up in arms about the about 2000 lives lost in the current war. This veteran then went on to describe how in the World Wars more than 2000 lives were often lost in a day or two. Of course, any life lost is too many, but it illustrated the extreme sacrifice that so many people made to give us the freedom we enjoy today.

I want to also honor my brother who is a marine. I’m really grateful that he’s willing to serve our country. It’s a pretty ugly world out there and sometimes we forget how lucky we are to live in relative peace. I guess if the worst thing we have to deal with is CCHIT, then we’re doing pretty good.

On that note, I saw an interesting article talking about the CCHIT 2009-2010 plans. I won’t repeat what the article says, but all I can say is that it’s going to be a really interesting next 6 months in the healthcare IT world. I really wish I could hear some of the internal conversations that will be had by David Blumenthal, HHS, CCHIT, etc.