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EMR, EHR and Healthcare IT Jobs

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Major Industry Job Websites

EMR and HIPAA Job Board - EMR and EHR Related Jobs

Healthcare IT Reps - Healthcare IT Jobs (sales and non-sales jobs)

justEMRJOBS.com - EMR Jobs Career Web site for all EMR related jobs. Best Place to find EMR Jobs.

EMR Jobs - Focused website on EMR Implementation, software development and sales jobs.

Healthcare IT News Job Listing - A website listing a number of Healthcare IT jobs and many EMR jobs available. The site is run by Healthcare IT news.

HIMSS JobMine - Job list sponsored by HIMSS with a bunch of HIT categories of jobs.

med IT jobs - The best set of search features of the ones listed. Categorized by job, company, etc.

Healthcare IT Jobs - Great set of features and a beautiful design.

Healthcare IT Central - Healthcare IT Career Center with Job Board, Content, Candidate and Employer resources.

MedReps.com - Nice place for IT/EMR sales jobs

HISTalk Jobs - Forum for HIT related jobs

Major Job Search Engines
EMR Jobs on indeed

EMR Jobs on Monster

EMR Jobs on Simply Hired

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