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HIT Adoption Continuum

I am an HIT consultant and I work with small to medium size medical practices. One of the most common things I run across with my clients is the extensive confusion they have concerning everything that's going on in the healthcare field regarding reform and many other impending mandates. I have thought about creating some sort of HIT/Policy guideline that reflects the continuum of activities that are happening and that will happen over the course of the next several years. Shortly after this, I found a webinar being offered by HIMSS that talked about this very thing.

On Wednesday, I watched the HIMSS webinar regarding the management of HIT mandates over the next five years. It was a great presentation and it was a lot of what I am looking for in terms of information compacted into an easy to understand format of everything that is going on. I want to take that information and incorporate other guidelines with it like the EMR adoption model and perhaps other things that may be necessary for the provider to consider. I want to format it into a general timeline of sorts with links the provider can click on to access detailed information.

I think this would greatly help my clients understand the depth of what needs to happen and provide an umbrella of guidance they can use to work through the details.

Does something like this currently exist? Does anyone have any suggestions about this?

I would appreciate whatever feedback you can give. Thanks!

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