So Many EMR Companies with an “In”

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I recently met with an EMR company that described an interesting situation where a clinic was confronted with being sold the following different EMR systems:

  • Current PMS EMR
  • Current Lab’s EMR
  • Current Transcription Company’s EMR
  • Current Billing Company’s EMR
  • Current IT Vendor offered an EMR as well

Many of you might remember when I talked about the benefit that a lab company would have in selling their EMR to their current lab users. I still think this is a tremendous advantage, but looking at the above list of EMR companies that are connected with this one clinic it makes you stop and think.

Yes, each of the above “EMR” companies likely feels like they have an “in” with the clinic that will help them sell their EMR. Unfortunately, with so many companies “in” with the clinic, I have a feeling this mostly just causes confusion and angst for a clinic. Plus, none of the above companies were any of the “jabba the hutt” EMR companies that you can be certain are banging on the clinic’s door as well.

Is it any wonder why so many doctors are sitting on the sidelines with all this confusion?

This list also provides an interesting commentary on the popular saying that doctors are so reticent to use technology (or substitute EMR if you prefer). Yet, their PMS is electronic. Their labs are received electronically. Their transcription is sent and received electronically. Their billing company receives and submits claims electronically. Wait, I wonder why they have an IT vendor that supports them? Makes you think a little, doesn’t it?