Does Spending More on EHR Mean You Get More?

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There is a really ugly myth out there that I’d like to dispel. The myth is: if you spend more money on an EHR, you’re getting more EHR. From years of experience in the EHR world (Will be 8 years in April), this statement is just not true. In fact, in many cases you can actually get more EHR from a more moderately priced EHR than you can from a really expensive EHR.

A few months back I wrote about how a clinic’s Second EHR Purchase was their Most Expensive EHR purchase. I think this is largely the case because of the myth mentioned above. Once a clinic has a failed EHR experience, the budget goes out the window and the clinic is happy to spare no expense to ensure that the next EHR they purchase is better than their first EHR purchase. Luckily, there are other factors involved in a second EHR purchase which make it more likely to succeed, but I don’t think that cost is one of them.

To be honest, I’m not sure how some EHR vendors get away with the EHR pricing that they do. With more than 300 EHR vendors out there, you can find pretty much every pricing plan under the sun. From Free EHR to High Priced EHR and every price in between. The reality I’ve seen is that there are good and bad EHR across the entire spectrum of EHR price ranges. You can find Jabba the Hutt EHR (see more about Jabba the Hutt EHR’s in this post or this one) at every EHR price point.

EHR price is always a part of every EHR selection process, but don’t let price be the main factor in how you select an EHR for your clinic.