Surprising EHR Tweet of the Day

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I saw this tweet and decided I couldn’t pass up posting it. When I read it, all I could think was, Yeah……right!! (yes, that last part is in the sarcasm font)

@NewIQ – David Whitaker
The next five years will be pivotal for EHR solutions. The cloud presents a real opportunity for the creation of a truly dynamic system.
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I would not be surprised if the folks at Google or Facebook werent already working on a strategy. #EHR #cloud

I think the last thing Facebook is thinking about is anything to do with EHR. They might be interested in healthcare apps for “consumers” managing their health, but they couldn’t give a rip about EHR. They might even consider helping doctors connect with patients on Facebook (although, even that I think is unlikely), but not an EHR.

Google has probably thought of EHR back when Google Health launched. Obviously they chose to go with PHR and we see how that turned out. I don’t think Google could make a worse mistake than to try and create an EHR.

Yeah, Facebook or Google doing EHR…that would be surprising.