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Far too often we only read the stories of those who have a bad experience with EMR. Those like Dr. Macasaet that adore their EHR rarely see the light of day. They love it and so they don’t see a need to talk to others about it. So, I was really glad that Dr. Macasaet was sharing his views on Twitter. While I still think EHR satisfaction is a split decision (some satisfied, some not), there are many that can’t imagine their life as a doctor without their EHR.

This tweet reminded me of Jennifer’s HIT Acronym post. Of course, the real point of this tweet and Carol Torgan’s tweet is to get patients more involved in their healthcare. It’s a hard battle, but the patient advocates are making progress.

In a number of conference I’ve been to, the discussion has always gone that reading data out of an EMR is doable with most EMR, but writing something to the EMR is almost impossible. I’m not as optimistic as Mark Friess tweet about how soon we’ll be able to write to EMR software. It will happen some day, but will take a pretty big shift in EMR vendors approach to make it a reality.