MU Attestation: Save Your Documentation – Meaningful Use Monday

Lynn Scheps is Vice President, Government Affairs at EHR vendor SRSsoft. In this role, Lynn has been a Voice of Physicians and SRSsoft users in Washington during the formulation of the meaningful use criteria. Lynn is currently working to assist SRSsoft users interested in showing meaningful use and receiving the EHR incentive money. Check out Lynn’s previous Meaningful Use Monday posts.

The end of March will likely bring a host of meaningful use attestations as the first 90-day period in 2012 draws to a close. Before you sit back and wait for your check, make sure that you assemble all the documentation that supports the information you provide to CMS. There will be provider audits, and EPs who cannot back up their attestation could forfeit their incentive payments. Documentation can be in paper or electronic format, and should be retained for 6 years. 

CMS does not specify all the necessary documentation, so the following are some suggestions:

  • Your EHR’s Automated Measure Calculation report – showing the numerators and denominators for each of the meaningful use measures that are numerically based
  • Clinical quality measures report – clinical quality measures must be reported “exactly as generated as output from the certified EHR technology.”
  • Clinical decision support rule – perhaps a dated screen shot to show that a CDS rule was implemented for the reporting period
  • Evidence of your data exchange test – whether the test was successful or not
  • Documentation of the security risk analysis you conducted – what you did, deficiencies you identified, corrective actions you took
  • Your test of the ability to submit immunization data and/or syndromic surveillance data – either proof that you conducted the test or documentation that the registry/public health agency cannot electronically accept the data (if you claim that exclusion)
  • The actual Patient List you generated (if you selected this menu measure)

 For more information, see the CMS website.