Healthcare Data Center Rap

Nothing like the holidays to take a few minutes to let loose while still sharing a healthcare IT message. In case you need a little humor in your health IT, then check out the playlist I’ve been creating of Funny, Entertaining, and Unique Health IT videos. Many of the videos will be familiar to you, but are worth a second watch.

The following video is the latest addition to the list. It’s a Healthcare Data Center Rap by Susan Biddle. As it says in the YouTube description:

Last month my employer, Juniper Networks, launched the Data Center Rap Battle marketing campaign: — In the spirit of supporting the effort, it was time to put the Healthcare Biz in a rap…

Enjoy the video embedded below.

Who wouldn’t love Susan working at your company? Great stuff! Plus, she has the YouTube recipe down. Kids. Check. A beautiful woman. Check. Music. Check. Nice message. Check.

Nicely done!