Stimulus Money Poll and PHR Use Results

Last week I posted a poll asking how many readers of EMR and HIPAA used a PHR. Here’s the results of the PHR poll:

Pretty interesting to see that about 77% of those voting have not started a PHR or started one, but didn’t add much to their PHR. I guess I’m not all that surprised since I fall into that category as well. The scary thing is that this is coming from people who are in the healthcare and healthcare IT industry. If we’re not using a PHR, then I’d imagine that the number of PHR users outside of the industry is even smaller.

I’m still considering the compelling PHR use case since the results from this PHR poll says that one hasn’t shown its face yet. However, I must admit that the more I research and read about PHR and some of the possibilities, the more potential I can see in the PHR. Although, I also believe it won’t likely look like what most people call a PHR today.

Now for this week’s poll about reader’s approach to the EHR stimulus money. This should have some interesting results since I’ve added the time frame people plan to apply for the EHR incentive money as well.