Free EMR Selection e-Book

I think that many of you have heard of my e-Book on EMR selection. I’d been selling the e-Book for a while now with some ok results. However, as I thought about it, I wanted to get the information contained in the e-Book out to A LOT more people than were getting it as of now.

On that note, I just made downloading of my e-Book on EMR selection called “Selecting the Right EMR” a free download. You can read more about it and download it on my EMR Selection e-Book page or click the book image at the bottom of this post and it will download a PDF file.

Feel free to distribute the PDF file to all of your friends, colleagues etc. I want to get the information on selecting the right EMR out to as many people as possible. I just ask that you link back to if you promote the free e-Book somewhere. Also, if you found something useful in the e-Book I have put a donation button on the page, but there’s no requirement to contribute. Although, all contributions are appreciated.

Now that many more of you will be able to see this e-Book on EMR selection, I welcome your comments on ways that it could be better. I really hope that it helps many doctors in their EMR selection process.

Selecting the Right EMR$149.99 FREE Download
If you find this e-Book beneficial to your EMR selection, please consider making a donation to support the creation of future e-Books.