EMR Marriage, EMR Divorce, EMR Pregnancy and Now Marrying an EMR for Money

Yes, I’ve compared EMR to Marriage and it talks about it being a huge deal to “divorce” your EMR.

Yes, I’ve compared EMR Implementation to Pregnancy.

Now I bring you what may be my most important comparison of all: Don’t marry an EMR because of money!

Sure, the allure of $18 billion of EMR stimulus money is attractive, but don’t choose an EMR because you can get that money. You shouldn’t choose someone to marry because of money and you shouldn’t choose an EMR for the EMR stimulus money as well.

Certainly you want to make sure your mate EMR company is financially sound, can provide for your needs, and is going to be around even if times get tough. However, more important than all of that is you want your EMR company to be willing to make you (the user) the center of their attention. If they do that, then you’ll have a happy “marriage” that will last for a long time to come. If you get WOW’d by the EMR stimulus money, you might just regret it later.

I could keep going about the prenup (EMR guarantees) and other similarities, but I think you get the point. Don’t buy an EMR based solely on EMR stimulus money!