Top 10 Open Source Medical Billing and Electronic Medical Records Applications

For those loyal readers of this blog, you’ll know that open source software and in particular open source EMR software has been a much discussed topic. I guess people love it when you talk about a free EMR. I must admit that I’m always intrigued by open source (free) software and open source EMR software is no different.

I recently came across a list of the top 100 Open Source Software Tools for Medical Professionals.

You know I’m a sucker for a list and I especially like EMR lists, so here’s their top 10 open source EMR software:
1. FreeMED
2. OpenEMR
3. OpenEMR Current
4. OpenEMR Virtual Appliance
5. FreeB
6. SmartCare
7. XChart
8. OpenMRS
9. Open Dental Software
10. ClearHealth

Quite an interesting list to choose from. Now if I could just get the data on number of installs for these applications. When I mean installs I mean doctors who actually use these open source EMR systems every day in their practice. Anyone want to let us know where we can find that data? Or any open source EMR packages want to fill us in on their progress?

I’ll update the post if I find anything or get that information in the comments.

Interesting. I wonder why none of these are CCHIT certified?