The Role of Health IT in ACOs — #HITsm Chat Highlights

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Because of Thanksgiving weekend, the #HITsm chat took a break. However, it was back this week, and there were five questions, rather than the usual four. The topics came from @2healthguru, and revolved around the role of HIT in ACOs.

The first question asked was: Many accept at face value that HIT is essential for effective #ACO implementation, do you agree? Why? Why not?  There weren’t a lot of responses to this first question Many accept at face value that HIT is essential for effective #ACO implementation, do you agree? Why? Why not?

There weren’t as many responses to this question as there sometimes are, but here are a few of the tweets that seemed most popular:


The next topic focused on this: Where does culture fit in the mix? Can you graft ‘coordinated care’ onto a cowboy (or cowgirl) referral network? This question sparked a lively discussion with a lot of good points made. It was hard to pick just a few, but here is a conversation I feel is worth noting. Another participant called out for @BangorBeacon’s thoughts on this topic, because apparently it’s his area of expertise. Although he didn’t seem to have a lot of time during the chat today, he did have something to say. Here is one of the conversations I saw.






The next item on the agenda was, how important is understanding culture and organizational workflows to achieve coordinated, seamless care? This was another interesting topic, with equally interesting responses. I thought this way a unique way of expressing the idea.

I also thought this tweet went well with the topic:

Topic four was: What will it take for the #ACO and #HealthIT system to work as developed? When I saw this, I predicted there would be a lot of different answers, and I was right. Here are a few of the suggestions that stood out to me:

And finally (still with me?), the extra question — which is a little more up my alley: Can social media ‘detect and amplify’ (preconfigure) preferred community referral interactions to grease the skids of an #ACO? 

I think that most everyone had checked out by this point, but this is my favorite response: