EHR Incentive Signup Numbers and Value of Meaningful Use

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As I usually do on Sunday, here’s some interesting tweets. Today’s tweets come from the always interesting and insightful @ahier. A little bit of my own commentary after the tweet.

@ahier – Brian Ahier
#EHR incentive program ramps up to 90,000 providers!

The article says 90,000 signed up, but more interesting is that 13,000 registered in August. It also says that CMS paid Medicare EHR incentives to 1,000 physicians in August which was almost double what they did in July.

@ahier – Brian Ahier
New @Health_Affairs study of compliance rates for #EHR #MeaningfulUse found little change in hospital mortality rates

Did anyone really need to do a study on this? Sounds like a complete waste of a study to look at something that’s so obvious. In fact, I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say that meaningful use stage 1 was anything but a stepping stone. I’m not even sure meaningful use stage 2 and meaningful use stage 3 will show much improvement in a study either. However, I do think if it helps to achieve widespread adoption of EHR, then some very interesting and beneficial things can start to happen that wouldn’t have been possible without EHR adoption.