A Healthcare IT Twitter Roundup

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It’s the weekend and I have this cool new Twitter plugin, so I decided it would be fun to do a twitter roundup. I’ll post some of the tweets I find and add some short commentary. I’ll admit that I haven’t necessarily read all of the links, but the concepts I found interesting. As a side note, you can find me on @ehrandhit and @techguy (although this one has all sorts of tweets).

How will #EHRs change the legal landscape for docs? And with such legal uncertainty, is investing worth it? http://bit.ly/fNF2zy #HealthIT
Jenny Laurello

I’ve discussed the changing legal landscape in the EHR world. My personal feeling is that it’s a legal wash. There are likely more liabilities with EHR, but it also resolves some of the liabilities of a paper chart world. What do you think?

Move over, handsets! The future of #HealthIT is mobile and WiFi based voice units and smart phones w. VoIP capabilities http://bit.ly/eVMRFr
Jenny Laurello

Mobile in healthcare is going to be a common theme going forward. I also love VoIP in many situations, but I’m still waiting to see the real breakthrough that makes VoIP the only solution. We’ll see.

Just started a new electronic medical record project (emr). Anyone else working on this?
Scott Blumin

I wonder how many responses he’s gotten. I think he’s in very good company as far as starting EMR projects. I’m just not sure how many are on Twitter and know of him. I figured I’d let others find him:-)

glaucoma calculator… delimited to import into an electronic medical record or to automatically reserve date http://bit.ly/goIZOM
cebu doctors

I know nothing about this glaucoma calculator or this person on Twitter. However, I think this is an example of the hundreds and even thousands of very specific niche applications that are going to hit the healthcare IT market.

Very interesting new startup ElationEMR innovative web-based electronic medical record for physician practices.#elationemr #startups

Another EMR vendor to add to the 300+ EMR vendors. I wonder how often a new tweet is sent for a new EMR vendor. Anyone know anything about ElationEMR?

Speaking of new EMR vendors…

@NEJM #Electronic #medical #record keeping is an underutilized opportunity that has shown strong interest from the #investing community.
Dalton Capital

I’ve seen some financial statements for the EMR business model. There’s certainly a great investment opportunity available to those who are able to get a reasonable amount of EMR sales.