“The Impossible Day” Issue with EMR Software

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In continuation of my posts about RAC auditors and other audit issues that EMR software can help or hurt, the following comment was sent to me by an EMR and HIPAA reader. Maybe all of you have heard of “The Impossible Day” but I found the concept interesting and it seems like EMR software could be well positioned to control this issue. Is this a major problem or only a problem for a few people that like to code too high?

The RAC audits are an interesting and mindful subject. Some practices have been getting into trouble with the “impossible day” which their EMR’s seem to help perpetuate. Some seem to end up with more documentation in files, but when RAC auditors do the math on how long the docs are supposed to be legitemately spending, its not adding up… Thereby “The Impossible Day” emerges.

I’ve asked some EMR vendors if there is some sort of a control feature with a warning on the total time based on visits/notes for a day. Most are not familiar with this. Just like anything else, if we hear more about it from the RAC audits, more will pay attention.