Choose Your EMR Vendor Carefully

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Charlene Zubka made a comment worth repeating on my 6 EHR Myths post. I cover topics like this in my EMR selection e-Book and I think it’s so important that you understand your EMR vendor. Here’s how Charlene said it:

“Select your EHR vendor carefully, know what they do and don’t offer. Know their core values. The company needs to value the patient just as much as the provider and I dare say, the profit margin. A reputable company understands the only way to make profit is by keeping both the patient and provider safe and happy, those are the ones that will ensure thier software can and does communicate with other vendors. Choose vendors who don’t feel they are the ones who “own the data”. The data is there to share and improve healthcare.”

With 300+ EMR vendors you can afford to be picky.