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I hadn’t posted much about the UK, and so I thought I’d post (with permission) this email I got from a regular commenter DKBerry about the UK EMR world. I find it fascinating that one EHR vendor owns 50% of the private EHR market in the UK. Polar opposite of our world, no? Now to his email:

Have you ever presented any information on the United Kingdom’s efforts?  Everyone thinks that the entirety of the UK healthcare system is run by NHS.  NHS operates the secondary care facilities … but the primary care practitioners are private … and are contracted by NHS.  Unlike the U.S. where there are 300+ EHR vendors in the U.K. there are only a handful.  Literally.  Egton Medical Information Systems (EMIS) has over 50% of the private GP market in the U.K.

Thought you might appreciate this … Don

From this article

“EMIS and INPS software users in the UK represent around 75% of GP practices and together hold approximately 46 million electronic patient health records.

The formation of Healthcare Gateway Limited allows real-time interoperability with GP systems and other healthcare professionals within the NHS. This has the potential to significantly increase efficiency in the NHS in addition to improving patient care.”

From the EMIS Wikipedia entry:

“EMIS chose not to be one of the major current GP computer providers initially included in the proposed National Programme for IT(NPfIT) due to issues surrounding the lack of system choice for GPs.[1]

The disenfranchisement of General Practitioners and the resultant political change which affected the NPFIT led to the creation of the GPSOC (General Practitioners System of Choice) programme which allowed individual GPs to choose their own system for storing electronic patient notes. As a result EMIS are now involved in the GPSOC programme.

As of 2009, of the 5000 practices using EMIS, 40% are now able to transfer notes electronically with the GP2GP electronic record transfer software to other GP practices using either EMIS or INPS Vision.[3] In 2009 EMIS is also to release its next generation system, EMIS Web, which (with other interoperability initiatives pioneered by EMIS) is intended – subject to patient consent – to allow patient data to move freely and safely not just between GPs but also elsewhere within the NHS (Accident & Emergency, Out of Hours, Hospitals, Community Nursing, etc.).”