CCD vs. CCR and Part of MU

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I’ve been a fan of the concept of CCR since it first started many years ago. However, I’ll be honest that I haven’t followed the progression of CCR much since then.

I know that Google Health was using a modified version of CCR. I also know a number of EMR vendors that have integrated CCR with their EMR. So, I’m looking to my readers to give me an update on what’s been happening with CCR.

Also, I’ve been hearing some people refer to it as CCD instead of CCR. I think that CCD stands for continuity of care document. I assume it’s basically the document that CCR uses to share healthcare information?

At one of the conferences I attended, they suggested that CCR was the standard that was going to be used to show “meaningful use.” I haven’t ever seen the standard formalized. Did I miss this somewhere?

Ok, here’s looking to you. Leave some comments on what you know about CCR.