HIT Policy Committee Has No Small Practice Representation

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One of my loyal readers and colleagues in the EHR field recently sent me a link (pdf) to the list of members that were announced on the Health Information Technology (HIT) Committee. Take a look at the list of members on the HIT Policy Committee:

  • Christine Bechtel, vice president, National Partnership for Woman and Families
  • Arthur Davidson, director, Public Health Informatics, Denver Public Health Department; director, Denver Center for Public Health Preparedness; medical epidemiologist; director, HIV/AIDS Surveillance, City and County of Denver
  • Adam Clark, research and policy director, Lance Armstrong Foundation
  • Marc Probst, chief information officer, Intermountain Healthcare
  • Paul Tang, vice president and chief medical information officer, Palo Alto Medical Foundation
  • Scott White, assistant director, technology project director, 1199 SEIU Training and Employment Fund
  • LaTanya Sweeney, director, Data Privacy Lab, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Neil Calman, president and chief executive officer, Institute for Family Health
  • Connie Delaney, dean, University of Minnesota School of Nursing
  • Charles Kennedy, vice president, Health Information Technology, Wellpoint
  • Judith Faulkner, founder, CEO, president and chairman of board, Epic Systems
  • David Lansky, president and CEO, Pacific Business Group on Health
  • David Bates, medical director for clinical and quality analysis, Partners HealthCare/Brigham and Women’s Hospital

I think the person that sent it to me was surprised that someone from Epic, a private vendor, was on the committee. What was more interesting to me was that there wasn’t one representative on the HIT policy committee from a small doctor’s office. There was plenty of hospital representation and public health but no one to speak for the small doctors offices. Sad part is that small doctors offices make up the major part of the US healthcare system and should be the ones who really need to access the HITECH Act EHR stimulus money.

Looks like my list of HITECH Act EHR stimulus winners is becoming more true every day. My list didn’t include small doctors’ offices and neither did their committee.